The work we have been carrying out on the Brighton Main Line Improvement Project includes:

  • Balcombe Tunnel Junction – preparatory work, including constructing new switch panels and signal bases, in readiness for February 2019
  • Balcombe Tunnel – structure inspected and initial drainage work
  • Balcombe Station to Copyhold Junction – 2.3 miles of conductor ‘third’ rail renewed. Over 1000 yards of ballast cleaned. A number of minor track faults repaired reducing the liklihood of Temporary Speed Restrictions
  • Balcombe Tunnel & Haywards Heath – High Output Ballast Cleaning. Ballast is the aggregate stone, gravel forming the track bed on which sleepers and track are laid to ensure stability and proper drainage
  • Clayton Tunnel –  work for the track renewals completed consisting of securing 1400 yards of cable and clearing 1000 yards of scrap rail; 650 yards of track renewal completed
  • Clayton to Montpellier – signalling and cabling works
  • Cooksbridge – re-railing completed
  • Cooksbridge Station –  surveys at the station
  • Haywards Heath Station – four signal heads were converted to LED, re-railing in Haywards Heath Tunnel
  • Haywards Heath to Keymer Junction – signal head changes and signalling installed
  • Haywards Heath to Preston Park – 3 km of cables laid and signalling installation
  • Keymer Junction area – re-railing through Keymer level crossing and removal of numerous rail defects, and removal of wetbeds in Wivelsfield station
  • Keymer Junction to Plumpton – signal head changes complete
  • Patcham to Preston Park – signalling installation
  • Preston Park – improved track formation on platform 2
  • Streat Green (Plumpton Racecourse) – Underbridge renewed
  • Three Bridges – two signal heads were changed and track circuits replaced
  • Three Bridges to Balcombe Tunnel Junction – signal head changes
  • Wivesfield – successfully integrated 610 yards of ballast cleaning
  • Wivesfield/Haywards Heath – two signals and a banner converted to LED operation and ballast cleaning



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